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Comments from a client on facebook:

“Had some training outside of dog school today just to see where I was going wrong…. It was such a confidents boost, Hugo a quick learner lol love him. Thanks Gill your brilliant xx”

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    1. Paul Dewe says:

      We came to Gill through recommendation,after having tried other trainers. We had a Jack Russell cross pup who had a troubled start. Although affectionate with us, he was very aggressive towards other people and especially other dogs. With the help of Gill, we learned what Eddie was thinking and how to react in certain situations,we were being trained as much as him.With the social dog walks as well, Eddie has now become a much happier dog,who has now even let our friends into our house.
      A huge thank you to Gill and team for their help and knowledge.

      P D Hitchin.

    1. Amy Moorcroft says:

      Would like to thank Gill and Leanne for all there help in supporting us and helping us in train our new puppy. We have been able to teach him in our own environment and also outside in the doggy wide world all the commands he needs. I would recommend this to anyone who has got a new or old dog that needs help in socialising and obedience. Thank you to both of you xx

    1. Jo holmes says:

      It was my dad who actually recommended Gill to us. We had a 1yr old male king Charles spaniel who was ruling our home.
      After just a few wks, Sherlock had really calmed down and was listening to us much more.
      I re contacted Gill a few wks ago to help us with walks, to stop Sherlock from pulling and running off, after 20mins I was fully in control!
      Gill is constanly available to help when ever we need and I’ve learnt so much.
      Thankyou Gill x

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Had some recall training on Monday, my dog didn’t watch me as he switched off as I talk to much, with gill help he is now watching me I talk less and the recall is quicker than before ( he would come when he ready). I feel more confident in me and in him.
I’m totally recommending to others, no doubt about it.
Love Hugo ( boxer) and Annette
Annette O'ferrall

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